Tourism, Engagement and Strategy Specialist

Thoughtful Collaborator - Enthusiastic - Innovative

With over 20 years experience in supporting clients across all sectors and all levels of government, Patti specializing in tourism development, strategy, organizational development, public relations and communications, training and facilitation.

The PBMC mandate is to support organizations that aspire to continually improve; for themselves, their sector and their community. 

To work with PBMC means aligning with:

  • a recognized community leader with regional and national experience,
  • diverse skills from projects across all sectors,
  • enthusiasm for people and solutions,
  • a thoughtful approach to understanding client needs, and
  • a natural ability as a collaborator and catalyst.

 Areas of expertise include: 

  • Tourism and Visitor Experience Development,
  • Governance and the Not-for-Profit Sector,
  • Organizational, Strategic and Business Planning, and
  • Government and Community Relations.

 Diverse abilities include:

  • Leveraging the power of market segmentation for market and product development,
  • Project and organizational management,
  • Strategy development, implementation and performance measurement,
  • Communications planning and Implementation,
  • Training, mentorship and facilitation,
  • Public speaking and conference presentation, and
  • Research and Program evaluation.

Values that guide the work of PBMC include integrity, professionalism, respectful human relationships, good communications, creative space and fun.
Together with respected industry leaders, Patti co-founded a tourism consulting partnership - Floor13 - providing diverese insight and fresh approaches to tradition problem-solving.  Visit to learn more.



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